Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday.........but Sunday is coming!!!

What a promise we have been given!  Jesus died on the cross for my sins, your sins, everyone's sins.  All you have to do is admit you are that sinner, believe that He died for you and confess Jesus is Lord.  ABC. You and me.  Isn't that awesome? However to get to that point - Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins.  Good Friday.  Jesus was crucified.  Crucification is a Roman means of execution where the prisioner was nailed to a cross.  Heavy wrought iron nails were driven through the wrists and heel bones.  If the victim lingered too long death was hastened by breaking their legs.  There is agony and disgrace associated with being crucified.  The Bible says at the sixth hour a darkness came over the whole land.  That would be noon.  At the ninth hour Jesus cried out, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani.....My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?  Now it is late in the afternoon and there was an urgency to get Jesus' body down from the cross before sundown, when Sabbath began.  He was taken from the cross and buried in a tomb.  A huge stone was rolled over the opening.  Guards stood by the stone.

Does that sound like a good Friday?  It is Friday, but Sunday is coming.  He arose!  He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit living in us when we accept him, all because his death on the cross.  We can look at Scriptures and see how Jesus fulfills prophecies spoken hundreds of year before, and we can understand that His is a kingdom far exceeding our hopes and dreams.  Even today God lets us go through faith crises, and we don't see how he can bring good out of these situations.  But each of us must live through our Good Friday and Silent Saturday to arrive at Easter Sunday, a time of resurrected hopes and dreams.

Blessings and Good Friday to all.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue Monday

The Kentucky variety.  Bring home #8 tonight!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day, or April 1, 2012

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunshine, slight breeze, mid 80s. A perfect day for my first round of golf this year. Well, only got to play 11 holes, but thoroughly enjoyed the 11 holes I got to play. As my friend and I drove up to #12 (now don't let that confuse you since I said I only played 11 holes) at CCCC I laughed and said this would not be a good day to get a hole in one because nobody would believe me. I then hit my tee shot and seriously it came up short of the hole by maybe 15". We laughed so hard! Got excited because I really thought I had done it. Of course, I missed the putt. The greens have been aerated so were not ideal for putting, but I can't put the blame on that. I turned my putter. Oh well. A par is a par. Since it was such a beautiful day there were many on the course and we were only a twosome so we played #10 then #16-18 then #10-#16. That is a perk of playing in smalltown USA. We just wanted to play, not keep a score so we jumped around. It would have been a 39 if I counted the best score on the holes we played twice, so not bad for first outing.

Actually I would be happy with that all summer. It just was SO relaxing and SO beautiful with all the spring trees in bloom, and amazing how green the fairways were for this time of year. God is such an awesome creator.  Dogwood trees, azeleas, tulips, red bud trees, so many different colors and hues.  Such awesome display of God's beauty.  But did you know that God also believes you are beautiful?  I have never thought of myself as an attractive person, but God believes I am beautiful.  In Ecclesiastes after the part about a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, Chapter 3:11-13 says "He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.  I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.  That everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in his toil - this is the gift of God"

You have been given a gift of beauty - around you and in you.  May each of you see the beauty around you this week.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day off

I took a vacation today.  Why do I always run out of day before I am done, though I did get a bunch done.  Started the day with mother's eye drops and then made a trip to the bank; to the CPA for a tax return for a company I keep books for; to another CPA to pick up my personal tax return; filled the car with gas; stopped to check out jewelry at On Main but ended up buying some kitchen cannisters; to Malone's for paint samples; home to eat some lunch; back to On Main for one more piece; cleaned and packed the dishes I took off my shelves; wash and dried 3 loads of clothes; pulled weeds and trimmed one landscape grass.  Why only one grass?  4 blisters on my hands before I was through.  Between my hand hurting and the pain shooting down my right leg from bending over I decided I needed to call it quits.  Supper is started on the stove, just waiting for Fred to get home.  Mother called and her neighbor is going to finish eye drops the rest of today, so all in all it has been a good day, plus a beautiful day.  I still want to go play a few holes of golf and wash the car but now that I have sit down........I am tired.

One of the hardest things is deciding on a color to pain the 4 doors on my house.  I have painted so many coats of different colors that I really need to sand them all down and start over.  Look at the colors taped to the left of the door.  Which one do you like?  At the very top is the color of my new siding.  The yellow on the door is the second shade of yellow/gold I painted.  Both panels were from paint samples I picked up at Walmart.  I don't like any of those 3 colors so I am back to square one.  Should I paint the doors the same color as the siding?    Help me decide.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday School Fun

Twenty minutes until the UK-Baylor game, so I have time for a short post.  Last night one of the numbers on my list was to pull off a surprise.  Well, we did.  Our Sunday School teacher is a big Indiana fan.  Indiana beat UK in December so Friday night's rematch in the NCAA tournament was a big win.  Freddie created a new United States map that incorporated Kentucky and Indiana in blue and renamed them on the map as  Big Blue Nation.  He plotted out several sizes of maps and we hung those around the Sunday School room.  We got blue tablecloths and white tablecloths and some UK cups and decorated our Sunday School class (and for a shameless plug the tablecloths, napkins and cups came from Main Street Costumes).  I made blue "UK" cupcakes, sugar cookies and a taco dip, brought tostitos and fritos and soft drinks (including blue mountain dew).  We created a mini fellowship for our class.  Dan was a good sport and took our ribbing well - even the deflated red balloon we left at his seat. 

It was a good fellowship of friends and then on to our Sunday School lesson on how we use our words - to build up or tear down.  If you are not in a small group or Sunday School, I highly recommend you check them out at your church.  You need that fellowship and friendships to share any highs and lows and know there is someone to help you through it all.  It draws you closer to a group of people and closer to God. 

May you have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness

I love March Madness.  Even teams I don't usually follow, I watch every game possible.  Of course, I want UK to win EVERYTIME. Go big BLUE!!

I didn't know who I wanted to win last game between Florida and Louisville.  On the one hand it would be great to have two SEC teams in the final four, but a Kentucky/Louisville matchup is also exciting.  We just have to get past Baylor tomorrow.  Blue vs Red, Red vs. Blue - people, that can split families in Kentucky!!  Personally, I bleed blue.  Can't wait until tomorrow's game.

Didn't get much accomplished today.  Freddie wanted to "run" by his office for "just a minute" and i ended up sitting there 2 1/2 hours.  Still had to put drops in mother's eyes (round 2 for today) and go to the grocery store for her and then for us.  Still on the list is 1) painting doors 2) strip beds and wash sheets 3) bake cupcakes 4) try to pull off a surprise for tomorrow 5) clean kitchen 6) rest of laundry.  And what am I doing?  Sitting here with the laptop.  Okay, I will get up and start on at least one of those numbers.  To finish today, here is what is probably the last of my spring flowers.  Hope you all had a good day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Day of Winter

Today is the last day of winter.  I sure hope winter knows that!!  We hit another record high of 83 degrees today.  I would go play golf if I didn't feel so bad.  I have had a scratchy throat for a couple of weeks but just thought it was from all the trees blooming and maybe spring allergies.  Over the weekend I started coughing, but my chest is so tight, I can't get it loose.  Probably have a fever if I knew where a thermometer is kept in my house.  Somehow it never seems to get back in the same spot.  I did find a very old mercury rectal thermometer.  Don't want to know if I have a temperature that bad!!!  LOL.  I'll just take a couple Advil and call it good.

Here are updated pics of my spring blooms

Isn't that pretty?  I love the beauty of spring. 

My tulips should be blooming tomorrow.  What is your favorite spring sight?