Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday.........but Sunday is coming!!!

What a promise we have been given!  Jesus died on the cross for my sins, your sins, everyone's sins.  All you have to do is admit you are that sinner, believe that He died for you and confess Jesus is Lord.  ABC. You and me.  Isn't that awesome? However to get to that point - Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins.  Good Friday.  Jesus was crucified.  Crucification is a Roman means of execution where the prisioner was nailed to a cross.  Heavy wrought iron nails were driven through the wrists and heel bones.  If the victim lingered too long death was hastened by breaking their legs.  There is agony and disgrace associated with being crucified.  The Bible says at the sixth hour a darkness came over the whole land.  That would be noon.  At the ninth hour Jesus cried out, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani.....My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?  Now it is late in the afternoon and there was an urgency to get Jesus' body down from the cross before sundown, when Sabbath began.  He was taken from the cross and buried in a tomb.  A huge stone was rolled over the opening.  Guards stood by the stone.

Does that sound like a good Friday?  It is Friday, but Sunday is coming.  He arose!  He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit living in us when we accept him, all because his death on the cross.  We can look at Scriptures and see how Jesus fulfills prophecies spoken hundreds of year before, and we can understand that His is a kingdom far exceeding our hopes and dreams.  Even today God lets us go through faith crises, and we don't see how he can bring good out of these situations.  But each of us must live through our Good Friday and Silent Saturday to arrive at Easter Sunday, a time of resurrected hopes and dreams.

Blessings and Good Friday to all.

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